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Basement conversions are a brilliant way to maximise your property’s potential and space. The basement is often a forgotten land or no-go area in a home. This no longer has to be the case with help from Homeshield.

At Homeshield, we use a system of specialist concrete, plastic membranes, and pumps to create a dry usable space with lots of headroom, easy access, and as much natural light as possible. Contact us now to discuss your needs and we will be more than happy to offer our help and advice.

Our Surveyors work with you to fully understand your requirements and provide a workable solution. Our technicians update you throughout the design process to ensure it meets your needs. All of our solutions comply fully with BS8102 and Building Standard requirements. In a basement or cellar conversion, we use membranes to cover the walls and the floor. This allows water to collect in one place where it can be pumped into a nearby sewer or drain. We then seal the membranes together because this will effectively resist the ingress of dampness and water. Finally, we completely cover the membranes with plasterboard.  Whilst we carry out the work, we also neatly contain all services such as electrical cables and pipes behind the plasterboard. This offers a clean, aesthetically pleasing wall.

For your satisfaction, we offer aftercare and support on all the works we carry out.

Different form of tanking options:


Homeshield Tanking Slurry is the name given to the material that creates a barrier to water leakage in basements, cellars and other underground spaces. If you have heard anyone talk about “cementitious tanking” then they are referring to the application of slurry – both terms refer to the same thing.

An application of Homeshields tanking slurry can make all the difference when it comes to turning a damp unusable basement or cellar into a functional room. Homeshields Tanking slurry is a mixture of cements, aggregates and chemicals that combine to block water ingress through walls. The chemicals and aggregates in Tanking slurry improve the strength, bonding and abrasion resistance making it waterproof in a way that ordinary cement is not.

How it works :

We apply PVA to all walls and floors, then apply tanking slurry over the top, after allowing 2-3 hours dry time. Apply a second coat approx 2-3mm thickness.

Costings approximately Fully installed from just £795.00.


How it works:

  • Defrass walls / or hack off walls back to brick, Place a P8 (8mm) breathable membrane to all the walls (from floor to ceiling height).
  • Prices from only £1495.00 Fully installed


  • Install a P8 membrane to the floor area
  • Install a floating water resistant caber floor system
  • Prices from only £1295.00 Fully installed


  • Place cavity drains around the perimeter of the basement connecting to an underground Homeshield sump pump that comes with free servicing and 5 year warranty option.
  • Prices from only £1295.00 Fully installed


  • Place latts on the walls if required and plasterboard using Grey Plaster Boards.
  • Plaster all walls using damp proof additives in the plaster
  • Prices from only £1895.00 Fully installed

If everything was done by Homeshield Group there would be a great saving of up to 25% !




An additional benefit for our customers is access to insurance backing for their guarantee. our customers can insure their guarantee under the Guarantee Protection Insurance scheme (GPI). Which is part of the PCA.

What this means in real terms is that in the unlikely circumstances that Homeshield was unable to fulfil its obligations under the guarantee (in the event of business closure for example), then the work would be carried out by another PCA approved contractor.


All our damp courses come with up to 25 years certified warranty, with all works carried out via qualified BRE &  BSI works men. All treatments are in compliance with BS6576:2005

For a FREE Damp Proofing Survey and report, contact a local surveyor on 01138921311 (Leeds), 01274950015 (Bradford) &, 01904378033 (York),

or any of the branches in your area.  Please see our home page for more details.