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Basement submersible sump pumps

Homeshield is the norths and midlands largest independent basement submersible sump pump suppliers and installers. Home shield use a variety of sump pumps depending on the nature of the problem, and requirements.

Our proven Water basement water proofing process makes sure that your basement does not leak ever again. We do not make guesses about your leaks; our system is based on expertise and quality craftsmanship. We have 100 years of coupled industry experience and satisfied customers who would not use anyone else. We treat all our customers as individuals and all our work is fully guaranteed, backed by a third party insurer whom are part of the P.C.A.

Homeshield Sump pumps can be placed internally underground or externally in commercial projects.

One of the main reasons for having water in basements underground is natural spring water rising from the grounds in the basement area. When it rains very hard for an extended period and the soil materials are saturated from land surface to the floor of the basement, the water then pressurises against the basement floor would be about 3 pounds per square inch, more than enough to cause water to leak through cracks in concrete, around the perimeter
of the basement. The other reasons for water in basements may be due to rising damp or condensation.

Let our expert surveyors call to give you a free survey coupled with a free report.

At Homeshield we are proud to use the HSM sump Pump Which comes with a 5 year warranty. HSM Sump Pumps are a heavy duty submersible pump, suitable for dirty water, sewage and pond water.

The HSM Sump pump is equipped with an iron impeller (rotor disc) which acts as a rotor. This makes it easier for the Sump pump to remove contaminants from the liquid. The task of the rotor is to break up and pump dirt out. This solution ensures that too much dirt in the network is not allowed to pass through, and the pump is not clogged.

HSM Sump Pumps have automatic external thermal protection, which protects against overheating of the motor and disconnects the pump when the turbine is blocked. After unblocking the turbine and reaching the appropriate temperature, the pump will restart automatically. HSM Sump Pumps come equipped with a protection switch that will automatically turn the pump off when overheated.

HSM Submersible sump pumps, perfect for the emptying of residential sump pits, rainwater tanks and emergency de-watering & drainage of basements and cellars. Suited for domestic and light commercial use.

This style of the sump pump is useful for flooded basements, clear water sumps, water tank movement and sump pits. The Sump pump is connected to an outlet hose at the top and is designed to sit completely underwater. It then sucks water in through the bottom and out the hose at the top. If there is a “float” mechanism on the side this means the Sump pump can be permanently left on and it will turn on/off automatically to drain water to a specific level.

Technical parameters:

HSM Pumps are manufactured in:

Full cast iron body (anti Corrosion)Fully Submersible Hermitic casingComes with an automatic float and switchBack up alarm if the sump pump fails | Electric engine | Maximum flow of 2000 L/H | Approx weight 15 KG | Approx height 45cm

How it works

1. We will carry out a free survey and then send you a free no-obligation report coupled with a quote.

2. We will dig out the hole underground to place our plastic bin in which the sump pump sits in.

3. We then connect the pump underground into your main drains.


Single pumps supply only with pump basin (Bin). All pipes connected internally ready for external connection from only £325.00
Double (back up pumps) supply only with pump basin (Bin). All pipes connected internally ready for external connection from only £499.00

Supply and fit from only £995.00

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